In the HVAC industry, there are wide range of air conditioning filters manufactured by diverse numbers of companies. This is divided into different types that depend on the material used and the operating method. Air conditioning filter is also categorized into three different types. Each filter has different degree of purifications. That means that in every filter kind, it can trap some dirt or dust inside while some filters can trap the particles such as airborne microbes, smokes and other irritants that are bad for the health. We are in the HVAC cleaning industry for years now. Omega Air Duct Cleaning Glendale AZ have encountered these and we will be sharing with you some information just so you have a background. For you to also understand that cleaning the HVAC system is so important to make it last longer and make it work in a fine manner too.

Panel Filters is one. This type of filter is one of the most common type of air conditioning filter. This is made up of woven fiberglass. Some of these filters are also made from a dense polystrand and this is the material that can maximize the ability of the filter to hold dust. The frames of this panel filter are supported with a metal grid on both departing sides and air-entry. This is an air conditioner filter that was widely used because it can be easily installed, inexpensive and disposable. However, the drawback is that it is less efficient compared to other air conditioning filters. It can easily accommodate filter tracks that is safe, but you need to change it once a month. This is filter is only ideal for places where pollution level is very low.

There is nothing to worry about if this is the kind of filter that your air conditioning system has. We will be the one to deal with it. Omega Air Duct Cleaning Glendale AZ will make sure that no matter what kind of filter is there in the AC you have, we will make it work through our technician’s expertise. Let us evaluate your HVAC system, since that is what we always do. We will bring it back to its working condition. We have professionals who will be there to do the evaluation of the HVAC interior surface and find out if it must be restored completely. If we believe that it has been impacted, our technicians will do a restoration and will make the air quality in y our home normal again.

We have been in the industry for quite a while now. Our technicians have been taking care of the air duct cleaning, HVAC restoration, bathroom exhaust cleaning, furnace filter cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, construction debris control, duct sealing, fire and water damage HVAC restoration, control of microbes and others. Our goal is to make sure that our customers will have a clean air to breathe in the comfort of their homes. Omega Air Duct Cleaning Glendale AZ will be there to work things out with you along the way at a reasonable price. All you need to do is to call us up.